Mom Rushes To Daycare After Hearing Someone Attacked Her Baby. Then She Sees Horrific Footage

A day care is supposed to keep children safe while their parents are away. They’re definitely not supposed to do… whatever this mess classifies as. Tracy Blinoy didn’t think too much of it until she got a disturbing phone call..

In Busy Hands, a daycare center in Montana where she left her daughter Eliana for the day, called to inform her that her child had been bitten by another kid.

After all, kids do things like that sometimes, and it can’t always be helped. What Blinoy and her husband didn’t expect was to arrive and find Eliana covered in around 10 of these bite marks, all over her body and face.

They decided that they wanted to see surveillance footage, and what they saw was even more shocking. A two-year-old child was biting down on Eliana for a full minute and 29 seconds before any staff showed up to help.

The police and child protective services are investigating the daycare. An owner of Busy Hands spoke up and said that the fight was broken up as soon as screams were heard.

The toddler responsible was new to the center and had been kicked out a week before from another daycare center for biting, too.

Eliana’s injuries required she take antibiotics, but her parents have not decided whether they will press charges against the daycare center.

Meanwhile, the Internet seems to have decided for them. There is already a petition on calling for a shut down of the center, with many angry commenters on the story agreeing.


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  1. if the Baby had that many bite marks then it wasn’t taking care of soon as it should have .The Answer is the kids that bite her ,M om AND Dad needs too pay the doctor bills and shut down the day care .And press charges against the day cre .get a Lawyers.

  2. The statement by the day care makes me so mad. She obviously was not worried about the child only herself. Did not even say she was sorry. The employee was not close enough – explain to me how the child was bitten so many times before it could be stopped. Where was the employee? Must be a huge building. The child who did the biting should be evaluated by child protective services. It sounds to me there is something in the home that contributes to this type of biting.

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